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Sigh** - A Day In The Life
woke up, got outta bed.... you know how it is....
My french teacher had a baby.
She's on maternity leave.
BUT she still feels the need to call our class and teach us that way. 
Its really annoying.
She just doesn't listen.
We'll be like "i have a question"
shell say okay and then we ask and she keeps babbling on about what she was saying before.
She also likes to rant about something else and then say does that answer your question...
Marc said well... not really and she said okay good and went on with something else
I'm gonna write more when i get home.
I feel sad. 
I used to write like 20 anoying posts a day.
And now its more like every three days.
Well i guess it doesnt matter i only have two LJ friends.
I should prolly save y'all from my mad rants about random things.
OOOH Chelsea made me a necklace. 
It's oh so pretty.
She found a peice of a backpask in her desk
she tied random knots in it and gave it to me.
I'm like the only person i know who can pull off wearing dorky stuff with out being looked at like im a retard by my friends.
21 days remain.
Wake me up when November ends.

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